Sunday, 13 September 2015

I have very dry skin. Something that is a real annoyance at times. In the winter months, my body suffers brutally from the dry air and harsh winds. Some days, my skin hurts so badly and as a result, I have had to invest in some really expensive skin care products to alleviate the problem.

Today, I am focused on the face. A few days ago, I was casually looking at the Clinique site and came upon this new product. Any Clinique fan is aware of the famous yellow lotion. I have used said lotion and have tried, really, to like it. The liquid is moisturizing, has no scent and applies like a dream. Yet, it was just not moisturizing enough for this dry girls skin. So, when I saw this moisturizer in cream form, I actually gasped aloud, clicked on the link and started reading about the product. 

This cream promises the following. Link
"Moisture-rich cream ups the hydration intensity of our yellow genius. Dermatologist-developed formula combines all-day protection with skin-strengthening ingredients to soothe even the driest skins. Makes skin more resilient. Use it daily to keep skin younger, longer."

In my usual, unhealthy-makeup-skincare-addiction-fashion, I immediately went to my Clinique counter at The Bay, inquired about it (I was going to buy it either way) and skipped home with my new lovely purchase. I will give this new cream a week trial and report back on my results.

As a side-note, I am excited about this new product and really hope this works. As the cooler and colder months are quickly moving in, I would love this cream to do wonders and provide the type of moisture my super dry skin craves. Review TBA!


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